From FIFO worker to supporting FIFO Families

Hi, I’m Vicky Pellowe, founder of The FIFO Family Project

My FIFO story began back in 2013, where I started working on remote construction projects in Western Australia.

It was hard work but very rewarding. I was fortunate enough to work with some great crews and experience some incredible adventures along the way.

As a lifelong advocate for mental health support, I was heavily involved with the mental health initiatives on site. I witnessed firsthand, the daily pressures my colleagues and I faced, while working away from home and loved ones, for weeks on end.

Then, at the end of 2018, I had to make a big change.

The end of an era and start of a new adventure

33 weeks pregnant + returning to Perth

It was a whole new world adjusting in Perth and preparing for my daughter, as I’d worked away since arriving in WA. We’d made it through big life challenges while working FIFO before, so we figured having kids would be the same.

My husband continued his FIFO job in the Pilbara and I knew I’d be handling things on my own for a while.

What I didn’t fully realise? Not only were we going to be navigating our new lives as first-time parents – and all the changes that brings – but I was also going to be living a new version of FIFO life, with it’s own unique challenges, from the other side of the airport departure lounge.

Fast forward to 2024, our family had grown to include two kids and FIFO life was changing again.

A solution to the lack of support for FIFO families

THE support network for every member
of the FIFO family

I was working part-time in Perth, with my husband was still flying in and out of the Pilbara. It was a lot to juggle but whenever I met other mums with FIFO partners in the same boat, it reminded me how amazing and resilient FIFO families can be.

Yet, something was missing.

While FIFO workers had resources to help them manage the challenges of the job, there was little to no support for the families who kept things running at home. I saw countless posts from other FIFO families on social media looking for advice but mainly finding solidarity and sympathy, rather than solutions and support services.

That’s when I decided to do something about it.

I knew there had to be a way to bring this amazing community together and provide more support to families like mine, where the FIFO lifestyle is part of everyday life.

So, in April 2024, I started The FIFO Family Project.

Our Mission

The FIFO Family Project began as a solution to the lack of support
for FIFO families. 

Our mission is to support every FIFO family, every step of the way.

Through social connection, resources and educational workshops,
we support FIFO families to create happy, healthy and supported FIFO lifestyles.
Because when FIFO families thrive, so do our communities.

supporting every member of the fifo family

Our Impact

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Our Board Members

The FIFO Family Project Ltd Board is comprised of industry experts
and professional advisors, with the shared motivation of supporting
FIFO families and their communities.

Vicky Pellowe


Nicole Ashby

Business Mentor, PR + Media trainer

Erica Urquiaga

Superintendent People + Culture


FIFO life can be challenging at times but it can also be an amazing opportunity
– if it’s done sustainably, with education and support.

Our services are designed to support not just the families but the workers too,
ensuring a holistic approach to FIFO workforce wellbeing and the communities we live in.